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7th 100 Mile Walk - Timor Zero Hunger

Maurice Bloem

Maurice Bloem

We choose to walk in solidarity with those who walk an average of 8 miles a day to access clean water, food and to get to work or school.

Our concentration this year is on CWS's Timor Zero Hunger program which works to reduce food insecurity by improving the nutritional status of pregnant/lactating women & children under the age of five.

The goal is to raise $10,000 which will be used to achieve the following objectives: increasing access to nutritious food for food insecure rural households with young children, improving health care & nutritional practices by pregnant and lactating women with young children & finally, increasing access to safe water, household latrines & hygiene/sanitation information with behavior change support for households.

Thanks for visiting my page and for your support! Together, we can make a difference.

To stay updated on my progress, go to 100mile.org or follow me on the following:




raised of $10,000 goal

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