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Immediate Shelter for Displaced Families

Shelter for 8

Shelter for 8

EDIT #3**
We need your help to secure fresh food for our guests. During COVID 19, we have been able to access shelf stable food from local food pantries. Fresh vegetables and fruits are much harder to come by. Please consider a donation to this effort. There are currently 6 residents in the home with 2 more expected. $50-$100 a week to supplement their canned goods would go a long way in providing fresh, nutritious food.

EDIT #2**
Thanks to all your generous donations we were able to pay rent at the shelter for two months. As we are nearing the end of those two months we need continued support. As many are sheltered in place due to COVID 19, so are our shelter guests. They are unable to start work in this environment and their stays at the shelter are looking longer than originally planned. In addition, new guests are being released from ICE detention for protection against the virus. This means we have been welcoming as many as ever! Your support has helped house over a dozen newcomers so far.

EDIT** Thank you all SO much for your support! We have met our initial goal of $4024. Additional funds will be used for additional months of shelter costs. We have added an additional month of $2800 rent + $624 for bus passes to our goal. Ideally, we would want families to be able to stay until we are able to help them find work, obtain self-sufficiency, and move to permanent housing of their choice. Additional donations mean we can allow the family the time to get settled. Asylum seekers can apply for their work permits 150 days after submitting their asylum applications so may rely on your donations for 5 months of shelter***

The office I work for in Jersey City is starting an amazing new program. We are trying to get a shelter for displaced families and individuals up and running in Jersey City! The shelter would allow asylees and asylum seekers to have a place to get on their feet and get their bearings in Jersey City. The building we have has 8 beds and provides residents access to a food pantry and a community garden as well.

My colleagues and I have set a personal goal of raising one month of shelter costs for this home.

Our goal would cover the rent of the house for all 8 tenants and a monthly bus pass for all 8 tenants to look for work, schools, and permanent housing.

Additionally, we have one family in dire need of bus tickets to get to Jersey City. They need to come to our community for immigration court and we want to welcome them to our shelter, but they do not have the means to get here. They are victims of devastating conditions in ICE custody on the Southern US border and have experienced great family tragedy as a result. Let us help them start this new chapter in their lives

Goal break down:

8 beds x $350/ month for one month = $2800 rent
8 2 zone bus passes x $78/ month for one month= $624
3 bus tickets to Jersey City x $200 per ticket= $600

Total goal to fund this shelter for 8 for a month $4024.
Your donation will immediately and directly support those in need

I am really excited about this new initiative and really believe it could make a significant impact in our community. Please join us in our goal!


raised of $7,879 goal

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I hope that this facility will also be used for post-release asylees coming out of detention in North Jersey. Please update us with news about when itโ€™s up and running.
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Keep up the good work!
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