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Help me give $300 for my 30th this Christmas!

Chantel Boyd

Chantel Boyd

We can do this! As you know, helping others is very important to me and I appreciate all the support as I transitioned from working in Leadership in Higher Education creating access to training and education within the state of Iowa for several years into Community Relations creating access to education, training, and a sustainable and just future for neighbors all over the globe! I'm partnering with CWS to raise funds to transform lives for my 30th Bday on Christmas. With your donation, we can make a difference!

During this holiday season after a year full of tragedy, I urge you to take inventory of what you have been blessed with and realize even if you can't afford the latest electronic, a vacation, or the trendiest of clothes, you can still give. Volunteer your time, share what you do have, or help serve meals.

Giving is truly at the heart of humanity. Having a heart means knowing that those who can help others, should.

For as little as $10, you can give warmth in the form of a blanket or nourishment in the form of sustainable plant seeds.

For $15 you can bring a child back from the brink of death, give access to hygiene for months, or even help send a child back to school.

For under $20, you can provide poultry capable of producing protein for years and years or fill a whole book shelf with novels.

For $25 you can provide an entire family with clean water for today and tomorrow or training to prepare for inevitable natural disasters or how to construct sturdy housing.

But even if you're struggling to pay for clothes, shoes or outerwear for your kids or groceries for your family, you can still share this post!

Remember what this season is about - reflection on our blessings and giving what we can, when we can!

Thanks for visiting my page and for your support!




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Happy Birthday, Chantel! The world is a better place because of you!
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