How Can You Have A Lasting Impact on This World?

Katy Keck

We can do this! Helping others is very important to me and I know that it is to you, too!

I have decided on this project for my birthday this year. My birthday is June 26, and I want to do something meaningful, not just eat cake! So I'm partnering with CWS to raise funds to transform lives. I’d love for you to join me! With 800 million hungry people in our world, we NEED to and we CAN make a difference! Help me support an organization with a 70+ year track record of successfully doing the work, every day, to support hungry people and create sustainable solutions that improve conditions for people in need in communities in the US and around the globe. We are #Greateras1!!

Thanks for helping me meet my birthday goal and for supporting those that need it most! As a member of the CWS Board of Directors (, I can personally assure you that your help WILL make a positive difference in this fight.




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