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How Can You Have A Lasting Impact on This World?

Katy Keck

We can do this! During this time of light and love, let's shine it brightest on those in need!

Church World Service (CWS) does amazing work transforming lives. With 815 million hungry people in our world, we NEED to and we CAN make a difference! Help me support an organization with a 70+ year track record of successfully doing the work, every day, to support hungry people and create sustainable solutions that improve conditions for people in need in communities in the US and around the globe. There are 3 billion people living in poverty globally, yet just 8 American billionaires have more combined wealth than that half of the planet. Let's share widely in this season of giving. We have #Enough4All!!

As a member of the CWS Board of Directors (CWSGlobal.org), I can personally assure you that your help WILL have great impact in this fight.




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