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3rd Climate Change Swim

Jasmine Huggins

Jasmine Huggins

Thank you for visiting my page!

This is my 3rd swim to raise funds for CWS and to raise awareness about climate change.

We don't need to be scientists to know that the climate we live in is changing. The evidence is all around us: temperatures are rising, and seasons are changing. Summers are hotter and winters are either horribly cold or strangely mild. Everywhere we look, there are more storms, worse floods, ever more destructive typhoons, hurricanes and droughts. This will affect all of us on the planet. But what is most unfair is that the most affected communities are those who did not cause this problem.

The biggest single cause of climate change is the overuse of fossil fuels - oil, gas, coal - which emits carbon and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. Over the last 150 years or so, through the industrial revolution, we have released so many gases that the earth has - literally - overheated and caught a fever. Unless we lower the earth's temperature - and very fast - this fever is going to cause us far, far more problems than we already have. There is still time to avert the worst-case scenario, but climate scientist are telling us that it the climate is changing faster even than they originally thought.

CWS is working to support impoverished communities to rebuild after disasters, find sustainable water resources, grow more food in the context of rising temperatures and develop resilience to the environmental shocks caused by climate change. It is also pressing for changes to US government policy that could potentially give impoverished communities a chance to survive – even prosper - despite the disproportional impact on them of the climate disruption. By giving a donation today, you are helping us to continue this important work.

I am not a climate scientist, but I know that CWS is working with the most climate affected communities and I know that every little bit matters. In order to raise funds and awareness I plan to swim 100 laps a week for four weeks during the month of October, 2018, at a public pool located not far from beautiful Tašmajdan Park in Belgrade, Serbia, pictured here. All funds raised will help CWS continue its important work.


Many thanks for your help and encouragement!



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