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Godwin Dixon

Godwin Dixon

I would like to ask your help. Help in making a difference AND accepting a challenge.

So what the heck am I talking about? Well just over a week ago our pastor challenged us in church and I mean really challenged us. Specifically on the immigration crisis.

After church, I was training for the upcoming Judgment Day event and told my mountain bike friend Ross Paterson about our pastor challenging. Ross noted that no matter where you sit politically (he is a Republican), you understand that this is a problem. He then asked me what I was going to do about this and challenged me to actually do something.

I told him I wasn’t sure yet what to do and he said – choose a non-profit that is doing something about it, challenge your friends to sponsor you per mile on Judgment Day, and I will help.

Ok, before I go further I should probably explain Judgment Day. Judgment Day is the Dallas Mountain Bike Community’s response to Hotter than Hell 100 (the road bike community’s annual challenge). Judgment Day is brutal and this Saturday I (and 260+ others) will attempt to complete 10 mountain bike trails in less than 24 hours on a day where the heat index is supposed to be in the mid 100’s. We will start at 6am and have to be done by 6am on Sunday. Typically only about half make it.

So Ross noted that if I could get $100/mile pledged, and made it all 100 miles, $10,000 would be raised and a difference will be made. He then said “when you get $90/mile raised, I will put in the last $10/mile raised.”

So I turned to my good friend Carolyn Dennis, who worked with organizations like this and asked who was best - and she noted Church World Services would be the best. CWS was formed in 1946 after WWII, partners with most all denominations, and helps in foreign lands (so folks don’t immigrate) and in the US (so those who do immigrate become successful citizens). In looking into CWS, I found they have sponsored the CROP walks that I took part in as a little kid to help with hunger at home and abroad. This is a great organization and one that is very worthy of our support.

So now that I had a challenge and an organization to address the challenge, I just needed to get $90/mile more in sponsorships. So I asked Carolyn (a Democrat) who she knew who would sponsor and she said she would sponsor up to $10/mile, and ask others.

So I have a Republican and a Democrat, I have my $81st-$100th dollar per mile sponsored, but I need my first $80/mile more.

Up for helping me? Let’s make a difference together. I will suffer and make a gift – and all you need to do is make a gift?

10 mountain bike trails in one day is Insane (and the 100 mile category I am in is called “Insane”), then when you do it in July on a predicted 105 degree heat index, it is really insane - but I will do it to help others.

Up for the challenge of helping me?




raised of $10,000 goal

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Proud of you, little Bro! Thanks for caring and asking!