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Welcome to the 50 mile walk for the 50th Greater York County CROP Hunger Walk!

Patrick Walker

Patrick Walker

We will be walking 11 to 14 miles a day leading up to the 50th CROP Hunger Walk on Sunday October 13th.

Please consider joining my Walk Team or Sponsoring me per/mile (yes - I will complete the whole 50 miles). I started off by sponsoring my left foot more than my right foot since my left foot needs all the help it can get! Join the Walk or Sponsor one of my feet!

I will begin and end each day at easy starting and stopping locations along the Heritage Rail trail. Day One will start at John Rudy Park, 9 am on Wednesday October 9. You can join us one day or any of the days - each morning the walk will begin where we stopped the day before and continue down to the Maryland border and back.

Specific details on each day will be added here and available by contacting me at pwalker@cwsglobal.org

Day One – Wednesday October 9
John Rudy Park to Glatfelters Station - Approximately 13 miles

Day Two – Thursday October 10
Glatfelters Station to New Freedom Train Station - Approximately 11.5 miles

Day Three – Friday October 11
New Freedom Train Station to Hanover Junction - Approximately 12.5 miles

Day Four - Saturday October 12
Hanover Junction to Continental Square - Approximately 11 miles

Day Five – Sunday October 13th
Start at one of the Four Starting Locations in York at 2 pm and Walk to Continental Square for the Celebration – 2 miles See crophungerwalk.org/yorkpa for details.

Thanks for visiting my page and for your support!




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Recent Donations

1. SCSharon Christ
You’ve got this! Won’t be easy but you’ll make it.
2. ?Anonymous
Is this where I say what foot I want to support. I want my $25 bucks to go to your right foot.
3. MRMichelle Robinson
Thank you for walking, Mr. Walker!! And thank you for all you do to make the world a kinder, better place!
4. HNHanwei Nieweld
5. HDHendricks Davis
6. JCJames Campbell
Go Patrick!

Team York County Proud